Andra kongresser...

Andra kongresser...

Inläggav tompe » lör 13 jan 2007, 02:12


som beskrivs som

this is from the annual science fiction convention here in Sweden. Can you guess that I like starship troopers? lol
I don't have it in the video but the guests for this year was Sean Astin (sam - lotr), Jake Lloyd (anakin, star wars episode 1), Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) and Lou Ferrigno (the Hulk)

Hum, den årliga sf-kongressen...
/Tommy Persson
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Inläggav Jesper » lör 13 jan 2007, 12:19

Sånt här får en osökt att tänka på följande Jack Vance-citat:

It would be so simple if I could bring myself to say science fiction, which I can't because I detest the field. I don't like the people in it. Not the writers, but the fans. The young fans and some of their adolescent attitudes of going to conventions in funny clothes and being Star Trek-ians and getting all these strange societies up. I think I don't want to be associated with those people.

Roligt att han blandar ihop starship troopers och storm troopers också.
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