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Rösta i JETS nu!

InläggPostat: fre 30 mar 2007, 08:59
av jophan
The Japanese Expeditionary Travel Scholarship (JETS) is a special fund created for the purpose of assisting a European science fiction fan, elected by popular vote of other European science fiction fans, to travel to and attend Nippon 2007, the 65th World Science Fiction Convention which will be held on 30 August to 3 September 2007 in Yokohama.

Who may vote? Voting is open to any science fiction fan who is based in Europe and who
- has been active in fandom since before 1 January 2005; and/or
- who was a member of Interaction,
and who contributes at least £3 or 5 euros to the fund alongside their vote (see below for PayPal voting fees.)

If you choose to pay using Paypal we ask you to contribute at least £4 or 6 euros instead of the fee above, as we will incur administration charges. Payments should be made to

Deadline: Votes in this race must reach the administrators by midnight (British Summer Time), Friday 13 April 2007.

Voting details: JETS uses a preferential ballot system (similar to TAFF and GUFF) which guarantees automatic run-offs until a winner with an overall majority is obtained. Voters should rank the candidates in the exact order of preference for them (1 for first choice, 2 for second choice etc.), but do not have to rank every candidate. ‘No preference’ is an option for voters who don’t wish to choose between candidates at some stage in their voting. Copy the ballot below in its entirety, fill it in, and email it to together with details of your voting fee (at least £4 or 6 euros if you are using Paypal).

I vote for (rank the candidates in order with 1 being your first choice):

[ ___ ] Abi Brown
[ ___ ] Jim de Liscard
[ ___ ] Jukka Halme
[ ___ ] Tom Nanson (‘FanTom’) and Teddy
[ ___ ] Chris O’Shea (‘The Magician’)
[ ___ ] Liam Proven
[ ___ ] Robert ‘nojay’ Sneddon
[ ___ ] No preference

Your details
Phone number or email address:
(We need your full contact details. The LFF may need to contact you regarding your ballot or to send out newsletters. We do not publish this data or pass it to any other organisation.)

I have contributed _________ to JETS.

If you think your name may not be known to the administrators, in order to qualify your vote, please provide the name and contact details of another fan who is eligible to vote (not a fan group, a candidate, or anyone who has nominated a candidate) who is known to the administrators and who knows you.
Active fan known to the administrators:

Reproduction of this ballot is encouraged. It is the official voting vehicle and must be reproduced in full. Anyone doing so should substitute their name here: Johan Anglemark. URL of this electronic ballot:
END OF BALLOT_________________________________________________

JETS candidates – Japanese Expeditionary Travel Scholarship

Abi Brown
I am a second-generation fan, and arrived in fandom in my own right at the last Glasgow Worldcon. Since then I’ve attended as many conventions as I can afford and am also a regular at the Ton. I’m currently working on a fanzine (due next month), and I keep a LiveJournal (eyeliner297). Due largely to lack of money I have never flown and have barely left the country, and I would love to attend the Japan Worldcon to meet new people and explore a different facet of fandom. My report is likely to contain tales of busy days and debauched parties.
Nominators: Lilian Edwards, Sue Mason, Max (hawkida), Douglas Spencer.

Jim de Liscard
I’ve run odd conventions (Year Of The Wombat, DamnFineCon, etc) and at other cons I’m often found in the dealers’ room, bar, on panels (Alan Moore, pornography), and I organised the film programme for the Manchester Eastercon. I’m a regular at Octocon and have been to Swedish conventions; JETS would be a chance to go further and visit the country that I’ve always wanted to go to. My fanzine, Gerald, has been described as ‘bloody funny and considerably intelligent’. Vote for me for a long trip report noting the anthropological differences between UK and Japanese fandoms. With knob gags.
Nominators: James Bacon, Alison Freebairn, Anders Holmström, Tobes Valois.

Jukka Halme
I’m a fan. Sometimes I write stuff. I’ve been known to pub fanzines and drink beer. And malt. Recently I’ve been organising cons. I also read books, even the ones I haven’t edited. I'm a goshwowoboysensawunda-fan at heart, Iron Chef Finnish and love to meet new fen. Some people think I'd make a good candidate, someone who cares about fandom. Then again, I understand they also think this comes with a one-way ticket to Japan attached to it. Personally, I’d just love to eat all that sushi. And have a cup of sake as well. Kampai!
Nominators: Johan Anglemark, Olav M J Christiansen, Toni Jerrman, Tero Ykspetäjä.

Tom Nanson (‘FanTom’) and Teddy
We have been active in Fandom since 1987 but, so far, the only Worldcons we have attended have been European (Brighton, The Hague, Glasgow and Glasgow). Over the years we have attended UniCons, MediaCons, WorldCons, EasterCons, FilkCons, Gaming Cons and Costume Cons – which goes some way to illustrate the spread of our Fannish interests and activities. In addition to which, we have been involved in running conventions, running and entering Masquerades, exhibiting artworks, contributed to and helped run fanzines and groups and (though this is stretching it a bit) helped with Tech. Please choose us!
Nominators: Lissa Allcock, Fran Dowd, Nicole Kipar, Barbara Stewart.

Chris O’Shea (‘The Magician’)
Why vote for me? Because I've been active in fandom for longer than I care to remember, I've been committee on four Eastercons, I've worked for ten Worldcons, and helped run countless other conventions. Because I really want to go to Nippon 2007 but can't afford it. Because I'll blog my trip report live, as well as producing a traditional paper fanzine afterwards. Because I'll send you a postcard from Japan, and if I pick your name from a hat I'll also send you back a cheap item of inexplicable Japanese ephemera. And I'll pay the carbon offset for the flights!
Nominators: Nigel Furlong, Marcus Streets, Peter Weston, Nik Whitehead.

Liam Proven
Why? Never been, always longed to, can't afford it. Love Worldcons, love travel, love talking and meeting people. Love languages. (Watashi wa nihongo no gakusei desu. Wakarimasu sukoshi.) Want to explore town and country, the fandom and the goth/rock/biker/nightclub/subculture scenes. Who? Outgoing, sociable, active fan for twenty years. Want to get to know people and promote Eurofandom, especially online communities. Fanzine distributor for hire! And then? Professional writer with regularly-updated Livejournal; avid travel-writer. Competent photographer and public speaker, too. Written reviews, conreps and articles for multiple 'zines. Will blog as I go and publish an expanded print version shortly afterwards.
Nominators: Erik Arthur, Dave Langford, Alice Lawson, Caroline Mullan.

Robert ‘nojay’ Sneddon
The Kilt goes Nihon: I've always had an interest in Japan as a place and a culture. When the 2007 bid was announced I supported it wholeheartedly and I was very pleased when Yokohama won in 2004 (well, I voted for it...). I'd like to meet Japanese fans on their home ground, and I hope the JETS fan fund will let me do this more easily. While I'm there I'll try to keep in touch with a blog but I'll write up a more coherent trip report on my return. And yes, I'll wear a kilt. Promise.
Nominators: Andrew A Adams, Tim Illingworth, Charlie Stross, Dave Tompkins.

InläggPostat: fre 30 mar 2007, 09:03
av jophan
Mer information inklusive länk till nedladdningsbar röstsedel:

Hur man faktiskt betalar via Paypal vet jag inte, jag återkommer om det! Korrigering: Denna info nu tillagd ovan.

InläggPostat: fre 30 mar 2007, 10:05
av Sten
jophan skrev:Hur man faktiskt betalar via Paypal vet jag inte, jag återkommer om det!

Du betalar till (paypal kräver bara en registrerad e-postadress till mottagaren, inget annat). Betala 6 euro om du gör så, eftersom paypal tar en euro eller så i avgift.

InläggPostat: fre 30 mar 2007, 10:20
av jophan
Sten skrev:
jophan skrev:Hur man faktiskt betalar via Paypal vet jag inte, jag återkommer om det!

Du betalar till (paypal kräver bara en registrerad e-postadress till mottagaren, inget annat). Betala 6 euro om du gör så, eftersom paypal tar en euro eller så i avgift.


Hur visste man att man skulle betala till den e-postadressen?

InläggPostat: fre 30 mar 2007, 11:01
av Sten
jophan skrev:Hur visste man att man skulle betala till den e-postadressen?

Man läste informationen?

Please make sterling cheques payable to ‘League of Fan Funds’ and euro cheques payable to ‘Vincent Docherty’. You may also pay by PayPal (, but if you choose to do this we ask you to
contribute at least £4 or 6 euros instead of the fee above, as we will incur administration charges; please make sure that you give all of the information requested on the ballot form below in your email.

InläggPostat: fre 30 mar 2007, 11:22
av jophan
Fair enough. Det var jag som helt enkelt inte trodde att det funkade så och därför inte tolkade den informationen korrekt.

InläggPostat: fre 06 apr 2007, 10:50
av jophan
Ni glömmer väl inte att rösta?

InläggPostat: tis 10 apr 2007, 19:25
av Henke
Ni glömmer väl inte att rösta?

Nej då, skickade just iväg min röst.

InläggPostat: tis 10 apr 2007, 20:56
av jophan
Och se till att rösta på Jukka Halme!

InläggPostat: tis 10 apr 2007, 21:02
av Sheriffen
jophan skrev:Och se till att rösta på Jukka Halme!

*Host, host*. *Haaaaaarrrrkel*.

Ljudeffekt: Sheriffen ser sig om över forumaxeln för att förvissa sig om att ingen annan än Jophan hör vad han säger.

Ärende: Eh, hm, jo, ja, alltså... vem är det?

Kör hårt,

InläggPostat: tis 10 apr 2007, 21:34
av jophan
Bemärkt finsk fan, ordförande för fjolårets Finncon, antologiredaktör och allround nice guy.


InläggPostat: ons 11 apr 2007, 21:58
av Ben
Sheriffen skrev:Ärende: Eh, hm, jo, ja, alltså... vem är det?

Dags att äntligen ta sig till en Finncon nu, Sheriffen! ;)

Mer info om årets stora finländska sf-händelse hittar du på

InläggPostat: ons 11 apr 2007, 22:25
av Sheriffen
Ben skrev:Dags att äntligen ta sig till en Finncon nu, Sheriffen! ;)

Jag tror min själ att du har rätt. Det här är ju till och med genomförbart - kongressen går av stapeln när jag befinner mig i Sverige och alltså kan åka och hela arrangemanget ger ett väldigt gediget intryck, utifrån vad jag såg genom att knappa på länkarna på hemsidan. Dessutom en detalj som tilltalar mig och genast gjorde mig positivt inställd, och jag menar allvar; den nedladdningsbara bakgrunden på hemsidan ger behagliga associationer till ett av Pink Floyds i mitt tycke absolut bästa album, "Atom Heart Mother".

Tack för detta tips, för det är helt plötsligt sannolikt att jag kommer. Och jag visste alltså inte ens om kongressen.

Kör hårt,

InläggPostat: sön 15 apr 2007, 14:14
av jophan
Chris O’Shea vann. Pressmeddelandet från League of Fan Funds finns här: