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SF-story sökes för publicering i Tyskland

InläggPostat: mån 12 aug 2013, 17:39
av Boromir-Eddie
(Hoppas att jag inte bryter mot någon ettikett med detta.)
Bifogar ett brev från en medlem från FOLLOW, den tyskspråkiga Fantasy-föreningen som jag grundade i 1966 ( ).
Vem vill bidra med en SF-story - nyskriven eller gammal?
- Eddie frhttp://www.follow.den Wien


my name is Erik Schreiber and I am from germany, europe. Do you have one minute? That’s no Spam. I am author and publisher of science fiction and more. my little publishing house is sinced in 2010 and called Saphir im Stahl.You can see it For a non-profit anthology-project I search 80 authors with Science Fiction Stories from 80 countries. Around the world in 80 sf-stories like Jules Verne “around the world in 80 days” is the slogan. I am searching authors around the world, every country one author.

The story must be 4 to 5 pages with 1800 charakters. The sf-theme is free. The languages are be in English, or for translating by friends spain and French and one copy in your motherlanguages (native languages). But I cannot pay for the story. This project is unusubal, I think, and I hope with a little help from all science fiction fans and authors and the press, I can finished these idea to publish a hardcover in germany. I will show them in germany, there is more SF, in the world.

I hope, this project ist interesting by you and you will reporting about this.
Thank you very much for helping.
best regards from germany